About the Conference

Africa has become an increasingly important continent that provides a fit within many internationalisation agendas, whether for student and staff recruitment, academic and corporate partnerships, curriculum development or purely cultural and socio-economic research. Worldwide, globalisation, terrorism, health risks and government policy factors have all impacted on the development of international education strategies; thus, it is vital that international education providers aim to spread risk and look toward relatively untapped regions to enable a more diverse and productive portfolio. India, China, North America and traditional student markets have been shrinking, accompanied by an increasing number of challenges in these markets; moreover, the next few years will undoubtedly continue to bring further uncertainty and definitive paradigm shifts. One way to mitigate potential risks is for you to start delving deeper into the African market. However, Africa, while full of opportunities, also has its own unique challenges, such as corruption and security issues, which can be a deterrent to institutional marketing initiatives.

As international education providers, we are challenged to navigate the intricacies and overcome every obstacle. Determining trends in international education, creating and implementing strategic plans and collecting and analysing data to further our agendas as education providers are integral aspects of our job, but it seems that these responsibilities have become more challenging in Africa.

At the core of this call is the need to balance the influence of the external and internal forces that shape international education providers’ marketing initiatives in Africa. So many of our challenges in Africa, while not within our control, can still be moulded in the most positive manner possible. To do this, we need to appreciate the power of narrative in making our cases. We need to learn from those that are currently navigating and making headway in the African market. Africa may be a difficult market, but it can also be rewarding. ASRC provides that platform where everyone, both new and veteran meet to share ideas and learn from each other.

Theme: Opportunities in a Challenging Environment
The ASRC welcomes international education providers from regionally or internationally recognised institutions around the world. Those who will directly benefit include the following:
  • Directors of international offices
  • School principals and proprietors from African institutions
  • Directors of international partnerships/institutions from Africa
  • Bodies representing education, development and student interests
  • Recruitment agents from Africa
  • Key government representatives and policy makers
  • Business development and marketing managers in the corporate sector with affiliated services in education and development
  • Service providers of travel or education software; of healthcare, customs and quarantine information; and of accommodation, banking, insurance and communication assistance
  • There are many reasons to attend the ASRC. To mention a few, the conference is designed:
  • To ensure you are well informed about key issues and opportunities in Africa
  • To provide you with an opportunity to broaden your knowledge of Africa
  • To expose you to leading thinkers with insights into the current state of the market
  • To educate you on policy reform and regulations affecting, or soon to affect, your recruitment strategy
  • To allow you to learn from peers and explore innovations
  • To give insight into what new opportunities and business models international education providers can explore in Africa
  • To provide excellent opportunities for networking with domestic and international delegates
  • To meet quality student recruitment agents exclusively from Africa

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